A Policy Maker and Opinion Leader

policy_makerEUPA_NEXT is another EQF and ECVET project. Review the current situation of the countries as far as the European policies are concerned, see our views on how ECVET should be implemented and learn from our lessons learned

              The following intellectual outputs and events of our project may interest you:

                    •  Comparative report on the situation of the countries of the consortium                                    as far as ECVET and EQF is concerned (IO1)

                    •  Methodology guide on the methodology to be used to assign credits to                                    the learning outcomes (based on ECVET) of the Eupa qualification                                              frameworks (IO2)

    •  Policy recommendation on the official recognition of EUPA_NEXT (IO11)

                                        •  Best practices guide: a step by step approach for the validation of                                                                 formal, non formal and informal learning for any non regular profession                                                      (IO12)

Multiplier Events:

Multiplier Event to policy makers (E3)

    •  Country:  Cyprus

    •  16/07/2018

Multiplier Event to policy makers (E9)

    •  Country: Slovakia

    •  19/06/2018