Eupa_Next Objectives

  1. Develop a European Qualification for administration personnel.
  2. Facilitate the understanding of EQF and ECVET policies and explore different methodologies for the assignment of credits.
  3. Develop a comparative report on the situation of the countries on EQF and ECVET.
  4. Provide ISO certification for the materials and assessment developed under project EUPA (level 2 materials) and certify with ISO the materials and the assessment for levels 3, 4, 5. EUPA_NEXT is a COMPLETE SOLUTION for admin personnel (in 4 levels).
  5. Provide flexible pathways to learning and validation (classroom trainings, e-books, just assessment).
  6. Develop a how to practical guide for the validation of Formal Learning, Non formal learning and Informal Learning for any non-regulated profession.
  7. Make a policy recommendation for official recognition of EUPA_NEXT.