Rationale and Objectives

The rationale for the project

  • According to ISCO88 administration personnel is classified under other associate professionals (Category 34 Other Associate Professionals and subcategory 343 Administration associate professionals) which (according to CEDEFOP: Future skills supply and demand in Europe) is the first profession in demand up to 2020.
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EUPA_NEXT proposal and priorities

EUPA_NEXT focuses on the validation of non-formal and informal learning and its permeability with formal education pathway through the use of a formal accreditation system (ISO). It aims to develop a methodology for certification of non-formal and informal learning of non-regulated professions and at the same time to develop an EU certificate for administration personnel.

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Eupa_Next Objectives

  1. Develop a European Qualification for administration personnel.
  2. Facilitate the understanding of EQF and ECVET policies and explore different methodologies for the assignment of credits.

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